Our Relationship to Dr. Lovaas

WEAP is Officially Approved by Dr. Lovaas.
After directing an inpatient program for children with autism in Wisconsin for 14 years,
Dr. Glen Sallows studied with Dr. Ivar Lovaas at UCLA to obtain advanced training in the intensive behavioral treatment approach (Applied Behavior Analysis) for children with autism. Tamlynn Graupner also studied with Dr. Lovaas to learn effective strategies for evaluating children with autism. In 1995, after completing this intensive training, Dr. Sallows and Ms. Graupner co-founded the Wisconsin Early Autism Project and began offering the treatment to families in Wisconsin and other areas.

Since 1995, WEAP has grown to serve hundreds of families
in Wisconsin and other states. The organization has expanded to offer clinical services through Early Autism Projects in Vancouver B.C. , and Malaysia, allowing this research-driven program to reach hundreds of children across several continents.

WEAP is one of several replication research sites approved by Dr. Lovaas, and the first to achieve outcomes that match Lovaas' original study. Dr. Sallows continues to study the effects of ABA treatment and participates in
ongoing research as part of a worldwide effort.

WEAP provides the same effective treatment as that offered by Dr. Lovaas' UCLA Clinic and is committed to making it available to as many children as possible. WEAP's goal is to improve outcomes and positively impact the lives of children challenged by autism and the families who love them.

To learn more about Dr. Lovaas and his treatment program in Los Angeles, visit www.lovaas.com.

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