About Us

The Wisconsin Early Autism Project, Inc., is a program and clinic for the treatment of children with autism based on the work of Dr. Ivar Lovaas, the pioneer of an intensive behavioral approach with proven best outcomes.

WEAP provides ongoing therapeutic treatment through its local clinics for families in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Malaysia, and Vancouver as well as training workshops with follow-up supervision for families in other parts of the United States and the world.


WEAP is Officially Approved by Dr. Lovaas
The Wisconsin Early Autism Project is a Replication Site actively collaborating with Dr. Lovaas' research through the National Institute of Mental Health. Children treated by WEAP have shown success rates essentially the same as those of Dr. Lovaas. We are proud to be the first program to reach this goal!

WEAP's Treatment Program
  • Takes a totally positive approach
  • Personalizes curriculum based on each child's needs
  • Presents new material in a fun way that's easy to master
  • Keeps children happy, smiling, and motivated to learn
WEAP's curriculum addresses the major deficits common in autism
  • Understanding language
  • Communicating with and relating to peers
  • Building age appropriate and symbolic play skills
  • Increasing conceptual thinking and cognitive skills

Funding for treatment in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin currently offers funding for in-home  autism treatment through the Katie Beckett Program. This is a form of Medicaid that aides families with children with long-term disabilities, complex medial needs, or mental illness. There are some eligibility requirements for the Katie Beckett Program. We encourage families to call the Katie Beckett program if they have any specific questions or want to start the process of applying for Katie Beckett Medicaid. Families will need to call the consultant in charge of their county.

For more information about how to apply for funding and services in your county,
contact our Intake Department today.