Employment Opportunities

Use this online application to apply for any of the following positions:

Infant Daycare Teacher

Line Therapist / Behavior Treatment Technician

Being a WEAP therapist is a very special experience. Most jobs require a lot of work with little personal benefit. The feeling you get when you help a child learn a new skill is more than money can buy. WEAP is making a difference in the lives of families and you can be a part of that.

Although we have 4 clinics throughout Wisconsin, you may never have to go to one. This is because therapy is conducted in the family’s home. BT Technicians work on a team for each child. This team is headed up by the Senior Therapist who constructs a therapy program specifically tailored to the child.

New team members are trained to become great teachers for their children. We use ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis therapy. This means that we give the child a task to accomplish, like picking a yellow object from 3 different ones in a line. When they get it right they are praised and rewarded in many different fun ways. This can be letting them play with a favorite toy, fun play activities or a variety of other things. We have many things kids love to do, and this makes therapy fun for both the child and the therapist.

When a child discovers how fun therapy is, they are eager to learn. You’ll see children picking up new skills rapidly. Things they couldn’t do before become second nature to them, and that’s all because of you!

You can work for as little as 6 hours per week all the way up to full time, but be aware that requires driving to several different clients a day. We do partially reimburse for travel as well.

Because our clients receive therapy up to 35 hours per week, scheduling is fairly flexible. If you can only work evenings or weekends for example, we can probably accommodate that.

But it doesn’t end there. There are advancement opportunities too. You can become an Advanced Behavior Treatment Technicuian, a Behavior Treatment Therapist or even a Behavior Treatment Licensed Supervisor. Each step incurs more pay and more benefits. Imagine making a life career helping children!

If you enjoy children and are looking for meaningful work that makes a difference in the lives of children and families, you may be an essential part of our mission. Our technicians are motivated, enthusiastic, and committed to helping children. Our positions are fun, flexible and offer rewarding and valuable experience for anyone interested in working with children.

Our Positions Feature

  • Flexible schedules
  • From six hours per week to full time work
  • Ongoing paid training
  • Great opportunities for career advancement

Requirements for Application

  • High school diploma or equal to
  • At least 18 years of age
  • No experience necessary; paid training provided

1) Click here to download an employment application

2) Print and fill out.

3) Go here to find out which clinic covers your area.

4) Go here for the address and phone number of your area clinic.

5) Mail in.

1) Click here to download an employment application and save to your hard drive.

2) Open in Microsoft Word or free Word compatible program OpenOffice and fill out.

3) Go here to find out which clinic covers your area.

4) Identify the Human Resources person for your area. Copy the email link for your area (Ctrl+C).

Madison: Brent Zelten bzelten@wiautism.com

Eau Claire: Renae Allen rallen@wiautism.com

Green Bay: WEAPGB.HR@wiautism

Milwaukee: Cassie Vegter cvegter@wiautism.com

5) From your filled out application in Microsoft Word (save as a Microsoft Word '97 file in OpenOffice), select "File", then scroll down to "Send To", then "Mail Recipient as attatchment ". Paste in your Human Resources email link (Ctrl+V).

6) Send E-Mail.



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