Intake Process for Wisconsin Families

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Services in Wisconsin
Our application process features a number of steps designed to ensure that children receive a comprehensive evaluation to determine the treatment program that will best meet the needs of each individual child and family. Our Intake Coordinators work closely with families to complete the application process. To speak with an Intake Coordinator, families should contact our Intake Department at 608-662-WEAP(9327), or send an email to one of the contacts at the bottom of this page.

Families applying for services will share information about their children with the Intake Coordinator over the phone and will be sent an application packet. This packet contains information about our program and several forms that need to be completed and returned.

Upon receipt of this paperwork, the Intake Coordinator will arrange a Diagnostic Evaluation appointment for the child and family. This appointment will feature evaluation by one of our Lead Therapists including history, initial diagnosis or confirmation of diagnosis, assessment of skill level in a variety of areas, and recommendations for treatment.

In addition to the Diagnostic Evaluation, recent tests of language, adaptive skills and IQ are also required for application. This testing is available by appointment in our clinics with one of our Lead Therapists. Testing may also be completed outside our clinic and submitted by the family for our review. For a list of tests that we currently accept, please contact the Intake Department.

Applying for funding through the state waiver system is a separate process from application to our program. To start the process of applying for funding, contact your county and ask to be connected to the department responsible for autism treatment services. Our Intake Coordinators are familiar with the waiver and can assist in identifying contact information for autism treatment services in your county.

If you have a child with autism, or you suspect may have autism, please email our Intake Department with your name and address to the following:

Madison: Jodi Dryer
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Eau Claire: Becky Hallum
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Green Bay: Lydia Jones
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Milwaukee: Ann Chrusciel
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For more information about how to apply for funding and services in your county,
contact our Intake Department today.