Intake Process for Families Outside Wisconsin

If you live in Wisconsin and are interested in our services, please click here for information about services in Wisconsin.

Services Outside Wisconsin
We are able to provide programs to families living outside Wisconsin in the United States and abroad on a consultation basis.

Our Workshop Model provides a consultant as a Workshop Leader to travel to your home to implement the program and train you and your staff to do the therapy. Workshop Leaders are clinicians from our Wisconsin clinics who have extensive training and experience in ABA programming and have met our professional standards for clinical and administrative practice qualifying them to provide consultation to families outside Wisconsin.

The Workshop Model follows the same curriculum as our Wisconsin program. Each child's treatment program is individually designed according to his or her particular strengths and challenges. The Workshop Leader will travel to the home every 8-12 weeks to work with the child, assess progress, move the program forward, incorporate changes and provide ongoing training. All Workshop Leaders function under the direction of a Clinical Supervisor and a licensed Clinical Psychologist to ensure that programming needs for each child are met.

The application process for services outside of Wisconsin features a number of steps designed to ensure that we have enough recent and accurate information to ensure the child will benefit from the Workshop Model of treatment. Our Intake Coordinators work closely with families to complete the application process. To speak with a Intake Coordinator, families should contact our Intake Department at 608-662-WEAP(9327), send an email to

Families applying for services will share information about their children with the Intake Coordinator over the phone and will be sent an application packet. This packet contains information about our program and several forms that need to be completed and returned.

Families must also provide documentation of the diagnosis by a qualified professional. Diagnostic appointments are available in our clinics in Wisconsin by our Lead Therapists. These appointments feature evaluation by one of our Lead Therapists including history, initial diagnosis or confirmation of diagnosis, assessment of skill level in a variety of areas, and recommendations for treatment. Arrangements for travel and accommodations and any associated costs are the responsibility of the family.

In addition to returning our forms and providing documentation of diagnosis, recent tests of language, adaptive skills and IQ are also required for application. For a list of tests that we currently accept, please contact the Intake Department. These tests are available by appointment in our clinics with one of our Lead Therapists, or families may choose to have them completed by a qualified professional in their area and may submit it for our review. For appointments in our clinics, arrangements for travel and accommodations and any associated costs are the responsibility of the family.

If you are living in the United States outside the state of Wisconsin and are interested in our services, please contact our Intake Department at 608-662-WEAP(9327), send an email to

If you are interested in services outside the United States, you may be able to receive services through the Wisconsin Early Autism Project or through one of our affiliate programs, depending on your area.


For information about services in Canada, contact the Early Autism Project Vancouver.

For information about our Minnesota Office, contact Minnesota Early Autism Project.

For services in any other area outside the United States, contact the Wisconsin Early Autism Project.

For more information about how to apply for funding and services in your county,
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