Services for Wisconsin Families

Wisconsin Services
Wisconsin Early Autism Project offers services to Wisconsin children through one of five clinics located in Madison, Brookfield (Milwaukee area), De Pere (Green Bay area) and Eau Claire.

Children are eligible for our program if they are under the age of eight and have a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Children without formal medical diagnosis may receive a diagnosis from our Lead Therapists. All children must have an Initial Screening by one of our Lead Therapists to ensure that our program is clinically appropriate for their needs.

All children in our program receive individualized treatment in their homes to meet their needs under the supervision of experienced clinical staff, including a Lead Therapist, Clinical Director, Clinical Supervisor and BT Therapist. This team of professionals trains the family and therapy team to implement curriculum using behavioral interventions which form the basis of Lovaas' approach: the use of discrete trials, positive reinforcement, extinction, prompting, shaping and programming for generalization. In addition, a variety of other treatment approaches and strategies may be used to teach specific skills when appropriate for individual children.

Children receiving our intensive services in the state of Wisconsin are able to receive up to 35 hours per week of treatment using funds from a children's waiver program that is administered by most counties on behalf of the state. Children in counties not participating in the waiver receive case management by a subcontracted private agency. These 35 hours include face-to-face treatment hours, a team meeting, supervision, and associated travel. In addition, each child sees a Lead Therapist on a regular basis to ensure program efficacy. Our Intake Coordinators work closely with our clinical staff, county case managers and state personnel to ensure that each child receives therapy according to his or her own individual needs.

While we recognize the need to contain costs, we continue to be committed to providing therapy programs that are proven through scientific research to be the most effective treatment available today for children with autism. All children in our program get the most therapy they possibly can up to the limit of their state funding. In some cases, families choose to purchase additional hours of therapy in order to more closely match the model proven by research to be most effective. Purchasing additional hours is strictly optional and is not requirement for participation in our program.

It is important to remember that the window of opportunity for children to make significant outcome changes is limited. Each child gets one chance to change, grow and learn. The most critical choice that families will make in pursuing treatment is choosing a program with the expertise and staff to take their children to the best outcome they can achieve. These years cannot be recaptured. We remain committed to providing the highest quality therapy driven by scientific research that is currently available anywhere in the world, and will do our best to ensure that every child makes the best possible outcome.

If you have a child with autism, or you suspect may have autism, please email our Intake Department with your name and address to the following:

Madison: Megan Budde
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Eau Claire: Karin Carr
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Green Bay: Teryn Watermolen
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Milwaukee: Ann Amundson
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For more information about how to apply for funding and services in your county,
contact our Intake Department today.