Services Outside Wisconsin

Wisconsin Early Autism Project offers services to children in a wide variety of locations throughout the world through our Wisconsin Clinics by Workshop Consultation and through our affiliate programs in Minnesota, Canada and Malaysia.

Workshop Consultation Program
Our Workshop Consultation Program allows experienced supervisory staff to travel to the family's home to set up an individualized program to meet the child's needs. All programs follow the same curriculum as our Wisconsin programs. All children in our program receive individualized treatment in their homes to meet their needs under the supervision of experienced clinical staff. Workshop Leaders are professionals from our Wisconsin clinics who have extensive training and experience in ABA programming. These clinicians have met our standards for excellence in clinical and administrative practice qualifying them to provide consultation to families outside Wisconsin. During an initial workshop and through regular visits, the Workshop Leader trains the family and therapy team to implement curriculum using behavioral interventions which form the basis of Lovaas' approach: the use of discrete trials, positive reinforcement, extinction, prompting, shaping and programming for generalization. In addition, a variety of other treatment approaches and strategies may be used to teach specific skills when appropriate for individual children.

Children are eligible for our Workshop Consultation Model if they are under the age of eight, have a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and do not have complicating medical conditions that would hinder progress in the treatment program. In addition, families must submit recent testing for their children in the areas of cognition, language and adaptive skills. All applications and related testing reports are reviewed by our Lead Therapists prior to acceptance into our program.

It is important to remember that the window of opportunity for children to make significant outcome changes is limited. Each child gets on chance to change, grow and learn. The most critical choice that families will make in pursuing treatment is choosing a program with the expertise and staff to take their children to the best outcome they can achieve. These years cannot be recaptured. We remain committed to providing the highest quality therapy driven by scientific research that is currently available anywhere in the world, and will do our best to ensure that every child makes the best possible outcome.

If you are living in the United States outside the state of Wisconsin and are interested in our services, please contact our Intake Department at 608-662-WEAP(9327), send an email to

If you are interested in services outside the United States, you may be able to receive services through the Wisconsin Early Autism Project or through one of our affiliate programs, depending on your area.

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For information about services in Canada, contact the Early Autism Project Vancouver.

For services in any other area outside the United States, contact the Wisconsin Early Autism Project.

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