ABA Gold Standard

The use of the principles of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) to successfully teach individuals with autism a wide range of skills has been demonstrated for decades. It is the most widely researched and empirically validated treatment available and has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals living with autism.

However, mention the term “ABA” and you are often either met with enthusiasm or a blank stare. Despite the large body of scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of ABA when it comes to treating autism and related disorders, there is a lot of confusion about what the interventions based on the science of applied behavior analysis look like and how they work.

Effective interventions based on the science of ABA is anything but a “one size fits all” approach. The best ABA programs are customized to fit the individual needs, preferences, and interests of every learner and their family. They are tailored to fit well within the natural routines of the family’s home, cultural norms and traditions, as well as their community. This is the hallmark of ABA- each person will not respond equally to the same intervention and the behaviors they are exhibiting do not serve the same function. Therefore, programs must be individualized to the needs of each individual and function(s) of the target behavior for ABA to be effective.

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