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What is Autism?

Autism is not a single, easily described disorder. In fact, there are unlimited ways in which a person with autism might be affected.

The range of behaviors and challenges associated with autism is so wide that the term autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is used in order to encompass them all.

Autism is not an intellectual disability, but it is possible for a person to have multiple disorders, meaning they could be diagnosed with an intellectual disability and autism at the same time. With autism, overall intellectual ability, or IQ, can vary dramatically.

A life that includes a person with autism is a journey, one that can be both challenging and rewarding. At times it can also be confusing, with conflicting advice and questions about what to do next.


Early intervention is critical to the long-term success of people with autism.

There is much scientific evidence to support the positive effects achievable with many of today’s treatment programs.

With proper intervention and support, many children diagnosed with autism can grow to enjoy active and productive lives. Depending on an individual’s needs, symptoms and intervention, adulthood can mean a wide range of possibilities from assisted living to independent living and employment. With effective intervention, some people may no longer meet the diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Read more in depth autism information at: AutismSpeaks.com & Autism-Society.org

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