Brittney Wallin, MS, BCBA

Managing Behavior Analyst
Nothing excites me more than hearing a parent say that they never thought their child would be able to do a skill that they just mastered.”

Brittney Wallin has been working in the autism field for 15 years. Her love of ABA therapy started in college at Winona State University in Minnesota, where she majored in psychology. There, she started working as a tech in a children’s resource home and developed an interest in behavioral therapy. After graduation, she moved to Madison, Wisconsin, and worked as a behavior technician with WEAP. She continued her journey when she moved to Seattle, where she earned her master’s degree and became a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. As a BCBA, she worked for Connections Behavior Planning and Intervention in the home, center, and school-based settings. She returned to Wisconsin and found her way back to WEAP, this time, as a managing behavior analyst in the Green Bay region, leading the Oshkosh Learning Center.

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