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One-on-One Support & Consultation for Insurance

Over the last decade, tremendous progress has been made for children with autism with respect to health insurance coverage for services.

Our insurance authorizations team specializes in getting families the coverage they need to help them access the treatment they need.  Our team works with you to gather all the necessary information and identify services covered in your specific insurance plan, and then coordinate with the insurance company on your behalf to obtain approval for requested services including the diagnosis, behavioral treatment and counseling.

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Get a documented diagnosis

Our insurance authorizations team will help you get coverage if your child needs a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation for autism at the Wisconsin Early Autism Project. Once you have a written diagnosis, our Intake and Authorizations Team will help you access insurance coverage for your ABA therapy program.

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Determine what type of insurance you have

Not all plans are regulated the same. Different insurance companies, policies and plans will have different levels of coverage. Our team can support you to find out more about your individual insurance

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Understand your specific policy and financial obligations

Every policy’s scope is different. What are your co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums? Do you need a referral? What providers are “in-network”? Knowledge is power - understanding your policy will help you avoid confusion down the road.

State Funding

Wisconsin has an established system to provide support for children with autism.

In the state of Wisconsin, children with autism for whom behavioral treatment has been deemed medically necessary, funding for ABA programs can be accessed through Wisconsin’s Forward Health / Medicaid program.  This funding source can function as a primary or secondary source of funding for your comprehensive or focused behavioral treatment program.  Our Intake and Authorizations Team can assist you with gaining access to the Forward Health eligibility and gaining prior authorization for treatment.

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