Therapy in a Center-Based Environment

Making Personal Connections 

Kids can achieve their goals and learn to make friends at our friendly Learning Centers.
We help children on the autism spectrum explore new opportunities and achieve their personal goals. Here, they learn alongside their peers through play-based activities.

Our Learning Centers aren’t just any learning environment. They’re transformative play spaces. Many of our Learning Centers have sensory gyms, group learning areas, and pretend-play spaces.

Our Learning Centers are designed for contemporary applied behavior analysis (ABA). That means we tailor therapy for your child’s and family’s needs. We focus on providing personalized treatment plans and interventions for kids on the autism spectrum. Our approach to therapy aims to help kids learn important skills and do well in different parts of their lives.

At WEAP, our Learning Centers are unique, play-based environments that make learning fun and engaging. They’re where your child can start on their path to success in school and in life.

Through group activities and creative play, we help nurture and cultivate young minds. We teach kids on the autism spectrum communication skills that will help them make friends. We also work on adapting to new routines.