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Greater Janesville

Our Learning Center and Offices

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      Serving You Close to Home

      Life is busy — we get it. And every child is different. In greater Janesville, we offer therapy in the place that meets your child’s needs, whether in your home or community, at our Learning Centers, in your child’s school or preschool, or through telehealth.

      Our Services

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      Learning Center

      Here, children thrive in a supportive play-based atmosphere.

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      Home & Community

      Our Home and Community Services take place in your child’s natural environment.

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      Social Skills Programs

      We help kids boost skills and foster friendships. 

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      We can provide remote ABA therapy via your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

      Our Team

      Christine Laurent, BCBA, LBA

      Clinical Director

      “I am fortunate to wake up each morning to a job that I love and to go to sleep each night knowing that WEAP is committed to making a difference for so many clients and families.”


      Christine Laurent is the clinical director and licensed supervisor for behavioral treatment in the Madison region.

      Her passion for helping clients with autism ignited during her college internship at Carroll University in 1994. She majored in psychology, complemented by minors in biology and sociology. She went on to get her master’s degree in applied behavior analysis (ABA).

      Over the last 25 years, she has remained committed to that mission. Her career has been exclusively tied to WEAP, where she has not only grown professionally but also impacted countless lives.

      Pamela Brown

      Administrative Director

      “I never take for granted the immense level of trust that families place in us when they choose to share the life of their child. It is truly an honor to be chosen as a family’s treatment provider.”


      Pamela Brown is the administrative director at the Wisconsin Early Autism Project (WEAP) in Madison, Wisconsin.

      Her career journey began as a co-owner of a small business, a role that allowed her to balance her professional aspirations with raising her young family.

      Upon her children reaching school age, Pamela pursued her passion for child development and early learning, which led her to join the WEAP team in 2006. For more than five years, she provided one-on-one therapy to clients, laying a solid foundation for her future roles within the organization.

      She went on to the trainer position at the Madison Learning Center and transitioned to the Madison WEAP administrative team. Over the years, Pamela has held several administrative positions within WEAP, leading up to her current role as administrative director in 2018.

      Pamela strives each day to support the needs of both staff and families. She works hard to uphold the standards that have made WEAP a leading treatment provider.



      Erin Seiler, BCBA, LBA

      Assistant Clinical Director

      “It’s extremely rewarding to watch our clients learn and grow, and to celebrate their successes along the way.”


      Erin Seiler holds the dual roles of behavioral treatment licensed supervisor (BTLS) and assistant clinical director for the Madison region at the Wisconsin Early Autism Project (WEAP).

      She kick-started her academic journey at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a place she has fondly called home ever since.

      Embarking on her career with WEAP in early 2011, Erin has relished the opportunity to work with an array of clients, families, and colleagues. She expanded her expertise by getting a master’s degree in special education and becoming a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA).

      When she isn’t dedicating her time to support individuals with autism, Erin indulges her love for baking, Starbucks, and spoiling her dog.

      Michelle Sherman, APSW

      Managing Behavior Analyst

      “My passion is watching children succeed and demonstrate that they understand social reinforcement and praise and are proud of their accomplishments.”


      Michelle Sherman brings a wealth of experience in social work practice at the Wisconsin Early Autism Project (WEAP), with a particular focus on treating adults on the autism spectrum.

      Her career began in a residential treatment facility in Santa Clara, California, where she rose from a case manager to a clinical supervisor, clinical director, and eventually program director.

      In 1994, Michelle joined WEAP, working closely an esteemed group of professionals. Since then, she has provided crucial clinical guidance not only within Wisconsin but also on an international scale. Her global impact includes establishing an autism center in Malaysia, providing clinical supervision in England, Canada, and Australia, and pioneering WEAP’s first social skills groups, play groups, teen groups, and sibling groups.

      Michelle’s job involves helping families with things like training for parents, guidance, mentorship, and setting up community services. She also helps with communication and works with other agencies to coordinate care. Michelle leads social skills groups in Madison and runs a group for teens and young adults at the Janesville Learning Center. She’s a key part of the WEAP team and helps move their mission forward.

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