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Our services include:

Evaluation and Diagnosis

At the Wisconsin Early Autism Project, we offer a comprehensive approach to evaluation and diagnosis. If you have concerns about your child’s development or behavior, a Diagnostic Evaluation with our diagnosticians can be scheduled within a matter of weeks. Referrals are not necessary for a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation.

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Our Home-Based Treatment programs give children the opportunity to access new learning opportunities in their home context for up to 40 hours per week. Our treatment program is individualized base on your child’s unique interests and strengths. Sessions can be incorporated into your typical family routines, in a specific learning area, and in the community. Our programs address a wide range of skills including function and social communication, socialization, self-care and school readiness.

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Contemporary approaches to behavioral treatment include peer interaction and community integration right from the beginning. Center-based behavioral treatment programs are an appealing option for families who would like their child to access comprehensive services outside of the home setting.

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Social Skills Groups

As children move through their school years, the social world becomes more complex. Children with autism often benefit from structured opportunities to develop and maintain friendships in a safe and supported environment. Social Skills groups provide ongoing support in social interaction, social communication, and behavior regulation skills. We offer a range of small groups and clubs for children of similar ages and skill-ranges to come together with the support of a trained clinician. A strong ethos of coaching and mentorship across children and facilitators guides the sessions, as life-long relationships are developed.

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Outpatient Counseling

Families and individuals with autism may require support as they navigate through life. Counseling can guide individuals with autism through complex social situations, support self-esteem, help with self-regulation, organizational skills, relationship development, and assist with challenging family dynamics. Counseling can also provide support to parents and siblings whose daily lives are affected by the challenges of autism. We work with children, adolescents, adults and families affected with autism across the lifespan.

teleABA Services

teleABA offers your family an effective alternative to in-person services by providing ABA therapy via computer, tablet or smartphone. Through a secure and easy virtual meeting, your BCBA can provide direct therapy and parent consultation remotely – helping your child learn new skills, avoid regression, and continue to make great strides in their progress.

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